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Being an isolated island, dependent entirely on imported petroleum products, Cyprus needs to diversify its energy sources. At the same time,  accession to the European Union brought over obligations concerning emissions and the environment, while market conditions dictated a rising demand for energy. New technologies and technological advancements in the field of Power Production and Natural Gas transportation have been developed over the last few decades resulting in efficient power generation and easy access to a clean and abundant fuel. Therefore, market demand, technological advancements, environmental, economic and security of energy supply reasons created the need to develop a solution to address the issues that have risen. The introduction of Natural Gas addresses the following needs:

Increasing competitiveness.

Decrease the energy costs for Industry, Commerce and Households by  increasing the efficiency of power generation, as well as connecting Cyprus to the rest of the EU by constructing the missing links which will further integrate the network infrastructure for trading energy across the Europe.

Protection of the environment.

Adherence to European Directives and  environmental commitments via contribution to 20-20-20 by 2020 Target (by reducing CO2 emissions and improving  power generation efficiency).

Decreasing Isolation.

Minimization of the dependence of the national economy on a single source of energy through the diversification of energy sources. Undertaking the necessary investment in gas and electricity infrastructure to facilitate trading and help a truly functional market develop.