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Natural Gas is used as fuel in a variety of thermal applications in the residential and industrial sectors. Essentially, it can substitute electricity and nearly all other liquid or solid fuels such as oil in any application.

The domestic uses of natural gas are:

  • In space heating.
  • In preparation of hot water.
  • In cooking.
  • In several other applications such as fireplaces, grills, refrigerators, dryers, generators and even air conditioning.

Businesses Natural Gas uses are:

  • Heating, cooling and hot water production in commercial or utility buildings.
  • In specialized industrial processes such as those of bakeries, laboratories, sanitary, laundry, garages.

Industrial and power generation uses of  Natural Gas include:

  • Heat treatment processing and materials processing.
  • As a fuel in power plants.

Uses of Natural Gas in Transport

Buses: The Urban buses are a very popular candidate to run on natural gas. Due to the environmental benefits and the centralized operation which minimize the service stations needs. There are a large number of CNG bus manufacturers.

Trucks: No as popular as buses, but CNG is used in many fleets of trucks. For example, Garbage waste trucks are large implemented because they have many environmental benefits and especially overnight noise reduction.

Cars: Implementation in Taxis fleets is very popular and has many economical and environmental advantages. Private cars need a large network of gas stations.